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Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation


 The Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides the Los Angeles community with EMT technicians to service at a number of community events. It is the first organization founded by Bobby Sherman. 



Generosity Water is an international organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries. We partnered with Generosity Water to build  elevated water storage on site at our Musical Village. This elevated water storage will help deliver fresh drinking water for our students and staff. 


 Interconnection is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality refurbished computers to low-income families, students, and other non-governmental organizations at cost.  Thanks to the collaboration of InterConnection we now have computers in our classroom at the Musical Village in Ada, Ghana. 


Legon Moms

Members of Legon Moms, a group of mothers that create and facilitate student activities, joined us at the Musical Village during the 2013 holidays to celebrate Nia, a Kwanzaa principal meaning “purpose”.  In addition to leading activities with our students, they donated clothing, school supplies, and a delicious lunch.  


Paster Construction has been building top-quality, elite, custom homes that both meet and exceed clients' expectations on every level since 1948.  PBC's main focuses are quality, cost control, safety, privacy, and above all, client satisfaction.  BBSCF greatly appreciates PBC's consultation and on-site inspection of our Musical Village.  


Girl Scouts

We salute Girl Scouts for their efforts in fostering the development of leaders and instilling confidence in girls through educational and recreational activities. Girl Scouts is one of the largest global organizations for girls and operates in over 88 countries worldwide.

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