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What is the source of BBSCF funds?
Why is BBSCF not in the US?
What makes BBSCF different from other NGOs and non-profit organizations?
What are future plans?
How involved is Bobby? What is his role?
Do you have a volunteer program?
Do you have any fundraising events and can I volunteer for them?
What is a Musical Village?
Do students live at the Musical Village?
How many students are currently in the program? What is the planned capacity?
How were the students currently in the program selected?
How will you select new students to be part of the program?
How do you select teachers? What qualities do you look for?
What type of educational programs do you sponsor?
How do you currently measure success?
How will you measure success in the future?
What aspects of the program are having the biggest impact on the students?
What has been BBSCF's main challenge since its inception in Ghana?