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About Us

Jun 7, 2017
BBSCF - Brigitte Poublon, Bobby Sherman

Brigitte Poublon and Bobby Sherman

Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Foundation is dedicated to providing motivated yet underserved children in Ghana with a quality education support system which launches a lifelong cycle of success.

Children in Ghana face many challenges to education, especially in rural areas like Ada, where the BBSCF Musical Village is located. Only 84% of Ghanaian children attend primary school, and that number drops to a staggering 46% of students who enroll in high school. Some barriers to education in Ghana include poverty which prevents parents from being able to pay school fees or purchase supplies such as uniforms; lack of transportation or the means to travel in inclement weather; and illness such as malaria.

At BBSCF we believe education is a basic human right, and we want to help our students contribute to Ghana’s future development and success. We also believe that music and education go hand in hand and they are the keys to a productive and fulfilling life. Our goals are to prepare children in Ghana to continue their education after high school and to allow them to experience the magic of expressing themselves through music.

BBSCF - Dance

BBSCF helps children in Ada and Accra to break the barriers to education by providing after school education, tutoring, and music lessons and programming in our Musical Village Youth Center. Our tutoring programs help students to focus on improvements in basic subjects, and we adjust the curriculum based on feedback from the students’ school teachers and parents. Our music lessons focus on indigenous and other world music.

BBSCF also provides financial assistance to families who cannot afford to send their children to school. This assistance helps with school fees, uniforms, shoes, and other supplies. The foundation also helps children to board at their schools when it is necessary. While the Musical Village is not an orphanage, and does not house children on a full-time basis, we do offer overnight holiday camps throughout the year.

In order to participate in Musical Village programming, students must go through an application process which includes a written application, two years of report cards, and a teacher recommendation. BBSCF’s children participate in a 21st century learning environment which helps to prepare for future careers.

Since beginning in 2011, BBSCF has helped Ghanaian children access educational opportunities and improve their grades in preparation for high school, college, and beyond. We currently serve 31 children in the Musical Village and 4 students in the capital city of Accra, and we have a growing waiting list of children who are eager to enroll in our programming.

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