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Jun 8, 2017

BBSCF’s after-school program helps turn the aimless hours after school into fruitful learning time. It’s a huge benefit for our children with learning and attention issues. The after school and holiday tutoring creates a sense of belonging, improves social skills as older children in after school tutoring are less likely to indulge in risky behavior. It provides academic support, safety and supervision, builds confidence and makes learning fun.

Art programs is an integral education facet of The Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation. The program inspires, motivates and educates the children. Exposing children to drama, music and dance makes them more proficient at reading, writing and excel in standardized tests, improve their social skills and feel more motivated. Here at BBSCF, we do not see arts as the panacea for ails struggling school children in its program, but rather as a valuable asset for teaching children of all ages – especially children in deprived communities or who are in need of remedial education like the Ada East District.

Music is at the core of what we do at BBSCF and it plays an important role in our culture. Music has the power to accelerate brain development, particularly in the areas of reading skills and language acquisition. As BBSCF children learn how to play musical instruments, their averages at the end of every semester keeps improving. Music ignites our children’s development and school readiness skills: emotional and social, motor language and overall literacy. At BBSCF, we believe in creating future leaders through music and education.

Trips at BBSCF gives our children the opportunity to visit places they have never been before. This is indeed an advantage to our children who are less fortunate and do not have the opportunity to travel. Trips at BBSCF always have a major educational element. It gives our children the opportunity to build closer bonds with their peers in the BBSCF program, experience new environments and have fun away from home. Children at BBSCF go on fields every vacation.

BBSCF routinely screens its children for a number of common physical conditions. In a rural setting like the Ada East District where our youth center is situated, it is imperative that the foundation screens the children for communicable diseases, STD’s, malaria, vision and hearing problems among others. Vision and hearing tests are the most frequent evaluation, essential because challenges with these senses are often subtle and neither children, teachers nor parents may recognize that a problem exists.

BBSCF’s annual picnic is a time for management, staff, children, parent(s) and community members to interact with each other over a group of major fun sporting projects. Various groups learn to work together, improves communication, relations, strengthen family bonds and reinforces mutual respect as members learn to value one another and are more unlikely to hurt each other.

Graduating from BBSCF, prepares children in elementary grades for college and beyond. This event requires full robe ceremonies and parties. This tradition attempts to engage parents more at early stage of their children’s education. Rewarding best students in the program yearly, encourages healthy competitions among BBSCF children and this explains why BBSCF children keep doing better in school.

BBSCF organizes yearly educational walks in the Ada community with the objective to achieve its principal target of getting policy makers and opinion leaders to get out of school children back to school. Community leaders, BBSCF management, staff, parents and children participate in the walk, holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans highlighting importance of education. The foundation uses this occasion to trumpet its work in the Ada East District and Ghana.

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