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Jun 8, 2017

BBSCF - Terrence Poublon, CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Terrence A. Poublon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

My name is Terry. I am an Aircraft and Engine Mechanic for United Airlines where I’ve been employed for the past 33 years. I enjoy my profession. I am also dedicated and committed to the safety of the flying public and those that I work with.

For the last 14 years, I was the event and reunion coordinator for 10 of my high school classes. I was successful at reconnecting Leuzinger High School’s Olympians in Lawndale. I made a great many friends during those 14 years. A personal reward all unto itself asking nothing from anyone in return except to come out every once in a great while and spend time with old friends. I decided it was time to turn over the reins to someone else and retire from my position. It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation.

I’ve known Bobby since I was around the age of six. Most of it was by what I witnessed on television and in the media e.g. entertainment news highlighting his community service and generosity. I never even imagined that one day, we would become family. Life is one big jigsaw puzzle where there are no extra pieces in this universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fill itself into that big jigsaw puzzle. As individuals and as a community, we must contribute to making this world a better place. Brigitte and Bobby have a foundation that sees the plights of others and gives us the realization that we must take care of those in need. They have a spot for me where I can contribute.

We have plenty of reasons for doing things for ourselves and those we are very close with. And perhaps, there is nothing wrong with spending time and little money on ourselves. However, we should never forget the power we have to make a difference. Collectively, we can make a huge difference in the world.

BBSCF gives children in Ghana, West Africa an opportunity to build a dream through education and music. Education is a basic human right. In fact, it is fundamental in their development and growth. It improves the quality of life and research has shown that there are also added social benefits. In return, these children will thrive in society and become beautiful adults. Simply look at the photos and videos that we share on our site. You’ll see the smiles on their faces; listen to their voices, you’ll hear the happiness and laughter. The children aren’t idle with despair. They are given hope and a promise of a better tomorrow. They are being given the keys to the future; happiness and freedom. We can make their lives and their world a better place.

Our commitment to them is as follows:

  • We’ll continue to implement a plan to best serve the needs of the students and utilize the Foundation’s resources.
  • We’ll monitor the psychological, moral, social and well-being of our students.

– Terrence A. Poublon, CEO.

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