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President / Founder

Jun 8, 2017

BBSCF - Bobby Sherman, co-founder

Bobby Sherman


Bobby Sherman is one of the most successful and diverse figures in the entertainment industry. He is the first performer to star in three television series before the age of 30. He has gone on to earn a fine reputation not only as an actor and singer, but as a producer, director and composer as well.

After retiring from the entertainment industry, Bobby has dedicated his life to serving his community. For over 25 years he has served as a medical training officer at the Los Angeles Police Academy, instructing thousands of police officers in first aid and C.P.R. Bobby founded the Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation, which provides free EMT services for community and charity events.

“I am lucky to have been able to make music all of my life. I understand its power to connect with your true self: your mind, your heart, and who you really are. When you have music in your soul, you’re never alone.” -Bobby Sherman

Bobby’s love of music led him to co-found the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation in 2011. He personally experienced the transformative power of music and believed it was an essential part of education. Bobby envisioned for BBSCF to begin its work by providing education and music instruction to students in a developing country.


BBSCF - Brigitte Poublon, president, co-founder

Brigitte Poublon

President / Co-Founder

Brigitte came to the United States in the 1960’s as a political refugee from Jakarta, Indonesia. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles. After high school Brigitte obtained her real estate license and worked for Norton Development Inc. and Homestead Group. She continued her real estate career while attending El Camino College and the University of California Los Angeles, where she studied law and business.

Brigitte retired from real estate and has devoted herself to philanthropy focusing on children and animals. In 2011 she co-founded the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation. Brigitte shared co-founder Bobby Sherman’s vision of providing education and music instruction to deserving students from underserved communities.

“I believe that education and music can really make a difference and that is why Bobby and I built the Musical Village. The great happiness I feel from helping to change these students’ lives has transformed my own. I will always be grateful to them.” -Brigitte Poublon

In addition to serving as CEO of BBSCF, she currently sits on the board of directors for the Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation and is a certified EMT. In 2012, Los Angeles City Council officially recognized her for civic and charitable contributions.

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